News & Updates

MORE ON CONTROLLING THE FRONT OF THE START PACK: The race is working to reduce the crowding in the front section of the start pack. For the 2018 race, we will section off the two front sections of the start pack and admit to those sections those runners who have a demonstrated finish time of 27 minutes or less for the front section and of 28 - 30 minutes for the second section. There are expected to be approximately 70 runners in the front section and 100 runners in the second section. Admission to the these two sections of the start pack will be based on a special marks placed on the bib. Other steps including side barriers and additional race staff will prevent runners from jumping into the front sections from the side. Also, more emphasis will be placed on compliance with the pacing signs, and pacing signs will show the finish times as well as running pace.

  • ALL REGISTRATION IN 2018 WILL AGAIN BE ONLINE. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION AT EARLY PICK-UP OR ON RACE DAY. Registration will close when 2250 runners have registered or at 8:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, July 2, 2017.

  • The 3rd Annual Kids Fun Run/Walk will be conducted at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, July 3,behind Stevens Brook Elementary School. The cost of the race is $4/child. Registration for the race is online and on the day of the race, July 3, from 3:30 - 4:30 PM.

  • 150 technical t-shirts and an unlimited number of cotton t-shirts with the unique 2018 design will be sold online. Online sale of the cotton t-shirts will end on June 7. Tech tees and cotton tees will be available for sale during Early Pick-Up and on Race Day.

  • The cost of registering prior to June 15 is $20. From June 15 through June 30, the registration fee is $25. Registration after June 30, if available, will be $30. We typically have 100 – 150 no-shows on Race Day (118 in 2015), so we will allow a maximum registration of approximately 2250.

  • Families up to six members may register in one credit card transaction.

  • Disposable timing chips and start mats will again be provided for the race. Mat time will be the official time except for the top five male and female finishers for whom gun time will be the official time.

  • In 2017, 500 runners registered by January 18th.

  • Runners should be ‘in the pack’ at 8:00 AM. If a runner is more than five minutes late, a start time from the start mats may not be available.

  • The Race Committee has noted an increased number of ‘bandits’ – runners and walkers participating in the race without a race bib. A runner or walker without a race bib is taking advantage of the work done by the Race Committee and volunteers to organize and conduct the race. Bandits add to the density of the pack and are unfair to the purpose of the race, which is to support the Bridgton Public Library and other local charities.

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