Runners completing the race can post their finish time and a photo on the Race Entry site.  Access to the site is via your Race Registration Confirmation E-Mail.  On that e-mail is a green button labeled “Edit Your Registration.’  Clicking on that button will take you to the Race Entry site where you can post your finish time and upload a photo.  If you need the registration confirmation e-mail, Race Entry will send another one to you if you go to the following link and fill in the requested information:

My niece Desiree Carsley and I ran 7/4 from 6:15am to 6:53am. It was hot but we did it! Wendy Stone
Trish Hornbeck and her daughter Paige, and Jordan Doucette and her mom and dad, Maureen and Greg are all smiles at the finish line!

L-R.  Henry Bergeron, Laura Bergeron, Annie Bergeron, Gary Bergeron
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